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Scalajs-react independent demo

This is a demo of an independent scalajs sbt project consisting of only the frontend, that communicates with the backend from the play-slick-demo project - This is useful because configuring play to serve frontend files is a hassle, libray bundling mode refused to work for me in the integrated project whereas here it's trivial. Library bundling mode makes incremental compilation really fast( ~2 seconds ). This also speeds up incremental compilation of the backend project.

I have ported over all the code from my previous scalajs-react project, and this is the one I will be using primarily from now.

Other features are -

  1. HOCON configuration to make backend url conifgurable
  2. Scalajs-react with routing for SPA
  3. Effect wrappers (cats IO/monix Task) (TODO)


Steps -

  1. Clone this project
  2. Clone backend project
  3. Run the backend project
  4. Configure the url for the backend project in this project 's application.conf file
  5. Run this project with -
     sbt "fastOptJS::startWebpackDevServer; ~fastOptJS" shell

    This starts the webpack dev server, the scalajs-bundler to bundle js dependencies, and js file continuous compilation

  6. Open http://localhost:8080 to see it in action