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package nova.monadic_sfx
import scala.concurrent.duration._
import cats.implicits._
import io.odin._
import io.odin.config._
import io.odin.syntax._
import nova.monadic_sfx.actors.ActorModule
import nova.monadic_sfx.http.HttpModule
import nova.monadic_sfx.ui.UiModule
import nova.monadic_sfx.util.reactive.Middlewares
trait MainModule extends ActorModule with UiModule with HttpModule {
def routerLogger(defaultLogger: Logger[Task], storeLogger: Logger[Task]) =
"nova.monadic_sfx.util.reactive.Middlewares" -> storeLogger,
"nova.monadic_sfx.util.reactive.Store" -> storeLogger
def makeLogger =
for {
defaultLogger <- consoleLogger[Task]()
.withAsync(timeWindow = 1.millis) |+| fileLogger[Task](
middlewareLogger <-
](formatter = Middlewares.format)
.withAsync() |+| fileLogger[Task](
formatter = Middlewares.format
routerLogger <- routerLogger(defaultLogger, middlewareLogger)
} yield (routerLogger)